At Be-Indie we aim to master the delicate balance of trendy and timeless while delivering a product that speaks to the edgy and rebellious spirit. Be-Indie is best know for its bold colors and stand out prints. Our desire is to stay true is to stay true to the indie spirit, while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of people.

            Our philosophy is reflected in our name; Be-Indie stands for independence. Our aesthetic is derived from an experimental way of living. We experiment with different techniques, threads, prints & mindsets. We draw influences globally from different modern societies and are continuously seeking that spark for creation. 
The collection is conceptualized and crafted to perfection, with each product lending a bit of edge to a high-fashion and appealing to a confident & worldly consumer. Be-Indie is a break through brand in the Egyptian market & all our styles are designed locally.
Be-Indie together with it's subsidiaries and affiliations, is dedicated to upholding fair and legal employment practices and environmental sustainability requirements.